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All in all, the process of handing my two-week notice to A in Human Resources/Personnel went much smoother than I’d expected. There are always all of these horror stories about quitting at said place. No one has made me feel guilty yet, however; a friend of mine caught me on my way out and said that the managers were looking for someone with my name. :/ I’m a bit scared for that, I’ll admit. 🙁

You see, if there was ANY way that I could just possibly have at least one week off (paid or unpaid) to allow myself to at least try to recoup, then I would take that option in a heartbeat. However, I am pretty certain there isn’t, especially since I have not been there a full six months yet. I have already been utterly embarrassed/threatened with my job, so I have finally chosen my health over my job.

It’s not like it was an easy decision (at all). I mean, I’m risking unemployment if I quit, but I’m risking my health if I stay and continue working and being unstable and all that other junk. D: Why must things be this difficult?

Moving on, Shane’s group of friends are here (at his house, because I’m staying here for a few days). They’re outside. Last night a whole bunch of them slept over, and he was sleeping with his girlfriend. It’s kinda gross, because 1) I don’t wanna see that and 2) they were all in the living room. Hey, maybe high school girls like it when other guys watch them and their boyfriend making out? Iiiiyuck. I realize now that maybe I didn’t really miss much in high school – as far as the partying bit goes, anyway. They all drink. Being all loud. Yeah, parties definitely are not my thing. >.>

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I hope quitting your job makes your life a little bit easier. I find it so sad when I quit a job because I enjoy working and the people I meet there.