When all else fails… II

When you include the chat-like conversation in the huge block quotes it makes this post seem long. But it’s really mostly the chat-like conversation that took most of the words.

Mimi has a mammogram today at 3pm. So what does that mean? It means she didn’t go to work. She normally takes the kids to school in the mornings since she works at the secondary school.

Mimi: (knocks on my bedroom door at 7:30) Sarah, are you taking the kids (Carrie, Pat and Isaac) to school this morning?!

Me: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Mimi: You need to call her right now!

Me: Okay. (calls my mom) She said they’re in the car with Lard.

Mimi: Okay. Well, you need to start being more responsible and remember.

Me: I forgot, I’m sorry. It was never made official. (goes back to bed)

Five minutes later.

Mimi: Sarah!

Me: Yes?

Mimi: Will you do the dishes for me later today? When you get a dish washing tablet from your mom, I mean.

Me: Yes. (goes back to sleep)

As if that wasn’t bad enough. Though that bit is important to the rest of how my morning has gone, these next few titles are quite the ____.[1. Fill in the blank. No, really. Read the rest of this entry and fill in the blank! But don’t worry, whatever you put into the blank doesn’t really matter to me. It’s your opinion. Don’t even let me know what it is.]


Mimi: (knocks on my door) Sarah! Are you not going to do the dishes?!

Me: I am, but you said I could do them later.

Mimi: Well, are you not going to go get me a tablet so I can do it then?

Me: (opens the door, forgetting I haven’t shorts on) I –

Mimi: Oh, my gosh. This is what I am talking about.

Me: Hold on, I’m going to get dressed. (shuts the door, starting to put on shorts) What do –

Mimi: Please open the door.

Me: I’m getting dressed.

Mimi: I was talking to you.

Me: You can keep talking to me; I’m just putting on some shorts.

Mimi: No, that’s rude. You’re doing this all over again. You’re being rude and acting like this. QUIT!

Me: (opens the door) Acting like what?

Mimi: You’re throwing a fit. You need to not have such a temper!

Me: I don’t have a temper.

Mimi: YES YOU DO! You’re not normal. Can’t you realize that having this kind of temper is not normal?

Me: I don’t have a temper. I’m being calm.

Mimi: Stop being rude, and listen to me.

Me: (takes a deep breath[2. A coping technique I have that helps me from getting angry. I didn’t have a temper. I’d just gotten woken up, and I was actually really calm, blank and non-talkative.])

Mimi: You need to change. This isn’t going to work. You don’t do anything around the house. You don’t have any plans, you don’t have a job and you lay in bed all day long.

Me: I’ve been really focused on school and making good marks. Teachers are cramming everything in. I’m also applying and trying to get a job somewhere. It’s not that easy right now. And I do do things. You asked me to keep the kitchen clean and fold clothes. I’ve been doing that!

Mimi: Then why are they still there on the dining room table when I get home? This is not the way you should live, Sarah. You need to have plans. If you don’t change, you’re going to have to go back to live with your dad. Go get the tablet. NOW.

Her phone rang, and the way she answered it made it clear that it was Tommy. “Oh, yes! Sarah is just running all on the walls! She’s going crazy, and I just can’t handle her anymore!”

Long story short, [according to her and Tommy] I haven’t been social. Well, I’ve rarely been at home since Tommy has been there more often! She wants me to spend more time with her and Tommy in the living room, and that’s just … not my place. I could have opened that door, but according to my mom I did the RIGHT thing by slamming it shut, locking it and running as far away as I could[3. Not a real door. HA. Did you think it was? Ohhh, I would be dead if it was a real door!].

Mimi also wants the “plans” to be worked out between her and I. Oh, and Tommy.

To make things worse, whilst I drove over to my mom’s house to get a dish washing tablet, Tommy must have told her that I walked out on him while he was speaking to me once. I’m sorry, I don’t enjoy hearing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I could be doing other, more productive activities than that.

He walks out on me while I’m speaking, he interrupts me, he ignores me… I don’t want to deal with that.

She cut off the cable because she’s “really low on money”. Because she has so many doctor bills and whatnot. Those doctor bills are all hers.


If I die young, hopefully my family members will finally understand why blogging means so much to me, why my website is my sanctuary and why it keeps me sane.

The house is clean. My room. Is not. I have school crap to do, and my teachers are piling things up on me. I can’t even write anything, anyway. I can’t think of anything to write. Stupid essay. >.>

Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable. Job. Car. Apartment. Internet. Cable.

Things were just fine before Tommy came into the picture. Now he’s in every single one.

P.S. Should I mention she also got onto me for staying up past 7pm?! Oh, yeah. Yep, yep, yep!

P.S.S. Part I

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Maybe Sara is right, but I’m only as old as you are, and don’t have any more or less life experience than you. But I also think that older people absolutely need to try to see things from a younger person’s perspective because they’ve been young while a younger person has never been old. At least that’s what I try to do with my brother who’s seven years younger than me. And it doesn’t seem like your grandmother is doing that.

Sometimes you need to just not consider what other people say and just do your own thing. Just keep going, we’re here for you!

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Aha, it’s difficult to explain! Basically it kind of looks like the Twitter widget. It’s not a link per say but I called them links since there’s links in the script. if you can’t see it, I just wouldn’t bother.

Wow. Fried fish. I mean, I guess I would be a bit interested in knowing how they tasted but I’m just picturing a person going to the pet store and looking at goldfish: “Hmm, I wonder which one I should eat for dinner tonight?” creepy, much? I do love catfish and salmon so tasting something with the mixture of two sounds interesting to say the least.

Ooh! I see. Her name doesn’t have the underline or anything under it so I couldn’t really tell; it looks just like normal text.

Usually when people are having a bad day or something, I notice that they tend to put all the blame on me even if I made a small mistake. Almost as if they’re using their bad day as an excuse or something.

Urgh, I hate being a teenager because insurance money is outrageous! Unfortunately, I don’t have money for anything. Even so, I don’t have bills to pay since dad pays for the internet and even my phone bill. Once I get a job and enough money, only crap I need to actually pay for is gas and insurance.

When you say “sleep together” do you mean just in the same bed or they urm… do stuff in said bed? LOL sorry but that’s like, what.


It sounds like you’re having a tough time with the adults in your life. What can I say? You’re at that age where parents and others still see you as child (needing to be told what to do) and also as an adult (meaning your old enough now and you be doing [fill in the blank]. All I can tell is that this time in your life does eventually pass.

I don’t know your grandmother very well, but I did wonder if maybe some of her attitude was due to nervousness about getting the mammogram. From my own experience, I can tell you that sometimes this procedure is kind of scary for those of us who are older. When people get scared, sometimes they over-react. Again, I don’t your grandmother; this may be normal.

Just be patient and keep at your school work. Keep thinking about your goal to be a teacher…maybe you can imagine some of the adults in your life as difficult children. How would you handle them if that were the case?

p.s. Thanks asking about my server issue. I think it’s all fixed, but I was losing posts and it was strange:~)

Mimi seems naggy :X! As long as you are going to eventually do the dishes, there`s no need for that fitting. Education should always go first. 🙂 I rather study and get good grades, get admitted into a college, earn a degree, and get a better job. And after all of that junk, have a good life :O!

Tommy seems rude :X. If only anyone else can see that. But I guess dealing with him is the only option right now :I Unless you got some sort of plan going on :P!

It seemed like Mimi wasn`t the calm one :O! Good luck (:

Yes, the finger found in chili was at Windy’s. I actually linked to the article if you looked at the footnote. xD

There are some “painless” methods (supposedly) where the animal doesn’t feel anything but I honestly feel they must have to feel something. Like how in medieval times, people were often beheaded; I’m sure they felt something. I mean there’s a giant crane slicing off your head.

ASPCA is better because at least they don’t lie about not killing animals; PETA just continues showing you sad pictures of animals. It’s like, what do you expect from me?! >:} Unfortunately, animals do have to be killed and that’s the sad thing. I wish more people could adopt but most family these days can barely afford to feed their own family much less another animal.

I know that some countries eat cats and dogs but I forgot what countries they were. There’s also countries that eat monkeys and bugs — it’s gross if you think about it from here but that’s what their culture is. I can’t imagine eating a goldfish though! They’re so tiny… how the hell do you even scale them?

I know Kya’s themes are going to the earthquake relief in Japan right now so I would most likely go with her.

Wow, I don’t know who Mimi is but it’s wrong of them to yell at you like that. I’m in the same boat though; my dad accuses me of yelling back at him when get this? I don’t even say anything; I just open my mouth and automatically, “DON’T TALK BACK TO ME!” it seems people just want an excuse to yell at you or something. People don’t understand how much harder it is today especially when it comes to getting a job because they already have a job; they don’t need to go through the process of looking for one and frankly, they’re really scarce these days. It sucks.