When all else fails…

The end of spring term is rising, and I am feeling more and more stressed. There’s only fifteen weeks in a term, and with all of the crappy winter weather at the beginning of the term, about five of those weeks were wasted. That’s ten days. Wasted. And now teachers seem to be feeling the need to pile work up on us, their students.

It’s overwhelming, and it is stressing me out.

I decided not to attend classes this summer. I will do so in autumn, and this summer I will work. There is a job opening in Seagoville at the police department for a 911 dispatcher, and I am going to fill out the paperwork for that as soon as I can get it printed! The application is about 10 pages or so, and the application to work in the police department is another 10 pages. They do an FBI background check, meaning anything and everything to find out about me will be done. Supposedly, no one has been able to pass the background check/test. I will be able to – I haven’t any credit cards (ever!), and I’ve never gotten a ticket and/or went to jail! 😛 The lady is desperate, and I am desperate for a job.

If I get it – which I hope I will – I will be working the night shift, 40 hours per week, 12 (or 6?) hours per shift, $14 per hour.

It would be nice if I could get the job. It beats fast food, and I would be 100% safe because I’d be at a police department.

I feel like I am behind in my classes. Ugh. Seven. More. Days. Four. More. Weeks.

For the fall term, please help me keep on and keep on until the end of the term, until after the finals.

I really need the encouragement.

No friends attend that school with me.

And home isn’t always that great.

Chances are Mimi will still be with Tommy.

The worst part? She complained about not having any money this morning before I headed out the door.

Well, Mimi, should have saved the money instead of buying those boots…

When all else fails, what do you do?

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🙁 awww i hope you get the job dear!! Working at the police station is such an interesting job!! Hang in there!!!

Aw. :/ -hugs- I wish I had any advice besides just keep on keepin’ on! It will all be worth it in the end. ^^

That would be awesome if you got that job! I think it would suck to have the night shift, but you’re getting paid $14 an hour which is a huge bonus! The pool where I applied at only pays $8.50 an hour, and there’s no doubt that that would beat fast food. I would never want to work fast food.

So good luck with the background check and I hope you get the job!

When all else fails, I go punch a couple things and go to sleep. All of us blogging buddies will be here for you now, and for your fall term.

And perhaps it’s high time that you have a talk with Mimi. Not confronting her isn’t going to help you, and if she doesn’t respond, then get your mom to help you out. She is indeed very selfish, too selfish for my standards.