I think I made a complete fool of myself today at work[1. And since I’m currently watching House of Anubis, I’m literally typing this as the voice in my head says the words using a British accent.].

Me: Are you… wait, not Frank.

Customer: Huh? Uh, no, I… Bye.

Could I have seriously not have been any lamer? I see him around quite often, he used a discount card, and well… It’s not MY fault he looks so much like some guy I met in Euless named Frank. Or maybe he thought I said something else… what could I have said that sounded similar to what I actually said, and if I happen to see him again, well… Hopefully I am the only one who worries about (and remembers) practically every little thing. Yeah… being the only one who worries about practically every little thing would be much, much better. >.<

The only reason I started to ask was because I was wondering what he would be doing all the way over in this city… Make sense?

6birds.net is open. I decided to open it back up yesterday, or really today (early, early today; think between midnight thirty and two in the morn).

…and I know I keep saying this, but I really need to go to Customer Service tomorrow with my returns, something I just keep forgetting/choosing not to do. .-.

Oye, I shouldn’t have drank that Fanta… Fantas have sugar, and sugar gives me headaches/makes me sleepy and/or weak/etc.

March 1st I will be posting my goals for March. Let’s not make a big deal of that/this or anything, though.

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