Why I Didn’t Comment Back

I’m a picky blog reader, and I think I’m an even pickier comment-returner. Anyway, here’s the list of reasons I didn’t comment you back within my imaginary two-month procrastination comment-returning time span I have for myself.

  • I got busy. Maybe your site was open, and I got sidetracked doing something else. Maybe I hit the snooze button. I just checked, and nothing is under Snooze. Windows also likes to decide when I want it to download updates, and then it decides I need to restart my laptop, and sometimes I screw up and end up restarting it right then and/or it just forces it on me when I’m not even at my laptop. Either way, I get busy. If it makes you feel any better, I still haven’t updated Flight with some major fixes.
  • You didn’t seem interested in me. If you just comment me with one-lined comments whereas I give you full-length comments, consider our commentship over.
  • It was irrelevant. Didn’t follow the #commentguidelines? -.-
  • Your blogs bore(d) me. Sometimes no matter how hard I try, I just don’t know how to comment posts. I literally spend 10 minutes decided on what to say. I read blogs quickly. Maybe I do skim through them, but that’s been the only way I have found that I can retain that information. My memory is shot. One post that takes me maybe 3 minutes to skim over can take me about 5 or so minutes to write a reply. It’s a technique that works for me. Otherwise, I’ll spend all day reading it word for word over and over again because the information retaining bit in me only lasts for about 5 minutes maximum.
    P.S. I don’t do too well with fashion/beauty posts all of the time. I’m allergic to cosmetics (YES, even Clinique, Proactiv, etc.), and my cousin, Bri, picks out my new clothes.[1. I lack fashion sense, but I also have my own style. However, I’m just trying to prove a point: It doesn’t interest me to be “in” style.]
  • I’m just not interested. Sometimes, especially if we don’t get along, I’m just not interested in returning your comments. It’s not against you; I’m just probably following the “if you can’t say anything nice” rule. There is hope, however, as Ashley and I talk and follow each other on Twitter again.
    Your layout/the setup of your blog could also be to blame.
  • Something happened, and I therefore do not have the time. If I’m still posting blogs, it’s because they are scheduled. If I’m gone from this world for, say, three months without warning and/or you can’t contact me via email, then you should probably panic. However, I promise if I’m ever put into a mental hospital that I’ll have someone tell one of my bloggy friends via email so at least one person won’t panic. Christine is friends with me on Facebook. Maybe I could go that route. I mean, I don’t know what the hell kind of Internet access I would have then. Most likely, I’d have a family member go into my Twitter and tweet about what happened, or something that just makes people stop worrying, and then explain after.
    I don’t really think it will get this extreme, though? And I don’t know if I’d be able to check in on Four Square.[2. My new addiction. :p]
  • I got lazy. If I have about 30 or so comments past due, sometimes I’ll just accept them and try to get back to the latest ones. This typically happens toward the end of the year. Fortunately for you, I think I’ll be getting in some guest posts for the holidays from various bloggers, scheduling said posts, and letting them return those comments or something. Of course, between guest posts would be posts from yours truly. I’m just a bit of a Grinch around that time of the year, and I’d rather not let my blog become static for the season.
  • I forgot. I could have forgotten. I mean, I mentioned my memory is shot, right? You could always just comment again or something. I’m not forcing you to do anything. With this said, although it’s nice, please don’t feel obligated to comment my blog because I commented yours.
  • You act like hot shit. And that annoys me. 🙂

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Comments on this post

I’ve merely began with my own website and I really like this template. Is it free or a version of those premium templates? Sorry, I’m new to this and just in search of ideas. BTW, I check your site nearly everyday.

I paid for it; Georgie made it for me last year. It’s run on WP.

Sometimes, I feel the same way and I agree with some of these points on why I don’t comment on blogs. For me, my reasons for not returning back comments are: irrelevant comments, being lazy or comments that I cannot really respond to. I do read the comments I get and I appreciate the commentators since they have spent their time commenting. Some comments do make me reflect on the topic I blog. It’s a learning process for me, I guess.

I tend to be a picky blog reader as well. If the blog is too wordy, has too much profanity in it or just doesn’t seem interesting, I tend to skip over it! :3

Totally hear ya. I really try to return the comments, but some entries are a total snooze fest, and I don’t ever want to force myself to read things that don’t interest me unless it’s homework (aka unless it’s something I feel obligated to read).

I feel the same way and would definitely agree with some of these points on why I don’t comment on blogs. It doesn’t even have to be commenting “back” either. It can just be leaving a comment. The most common reasons I don’t comment on blogs is because I don’t have time – and I totally feel you on when something comes up and you have to shut your computer off, or when something stops you from commenting.

Usually I have nothing to say, nothing to say in response to a blog post if I don’t leave a comment. Sometimes there’s only so much you can say, especially if the content of the post isn’t really relatable, or you can’t empathise, etc.

These days I don’t really worry about returning comments anymore. I just make an effort to read other people’s posts and I do respond to what they have said to me, if they have something I can respond to. Most of my readers and commentators have blogs that I don’t mind reading, so I do follow their blogs. 🙂

I’m embarrassed to say that one of the reasons I don’t leave comments is because of laziness. Oops! Another reason is when I can’t seem to focus. I’d rather not comment than leave an irrelevant comment and annoy the blogger! But when it comes to responding to comments on my blog, I really do find the time to reply asap. I think it is okay to not want to comment back on a blog that doesn’t interest you. Interests are very subjective anyway. A lot of bloggers can definitely relate to this post. 😉

Love your honesty! I feel the same ya most of the time :o)

I have to admit that I’m a little picky when I comment on other’s blog posts as well. I don’t like to leave one-liners or a general comment. I like to leave an honest comment. Sometimes I do leave an occasional one-liner but it’s always something I felt needed to be said even if it’s just ‘Great photos!”, lol.

You seem to have good reasons to why you don’t comment back. Some people are just rude and lazy and refuse to reply because they think they are better than everyone else. -_-

I have a system that I use in order for me not to forget anyone. I usually attempt to reply to everyone’s comment and read their blogs because honestly, if someone took the time to read my blog, the least I can do is return the favor. But that’s just me.

Like Stephanie said, I think those are all pretty normal reasons. I try my best to return comments, but the truth is sometimes I just don’t feel like it. I appreciate all my comments and commenters, and I usually will go back eventually but it might just take time. Then there are posts where I feel other people have already said what I wanted to say and will just be reiterating them or the posts that I just don’t know what to say. So I always read the posts, sometimes I just don’t comment. There are actually a lot of blogs I follow that I don’t comment on.

I know exactly what you mean! Besides, it’s hard to comment back every time since our personal life can get busy too! I always comment back on my blog buddies and on those people who commented on my last post… but still I forget some people now and then D: That’s why I try to go sometimes a few posts back, and visit their sites when I have the time to return comments…

Though sometimes I also find some blogs a bit uninterested, maybe it’s their blog post, or their whole “writing-style”. Oh well, we all know what you’re going through in the end! 🙂

Those sound like normal reasons to me! I read lots of posts that I don’t have comments on.

And you’ve convinced me that I really should not increase any sort of activity on 20 Something Bloggers! It seems that their trouble makes the increased blog traffic not worth it anymore.

I’ve found that the BBN actually isn’t as bad, but still a lot about getting sponsors and such. 😡 It makes me want to go back to working on (B)logger’s Anon, to be honest.