Wooh! I DID IT!

If you remember the penguin theme for 6birds, then GOOD FOR YOU because I DON’T have a visual of it. I’m pretty sure that last summer was/is when I made it, but I can’t be sure.

Anyway, coming from the theme I made for Dehlu, I created this one. Since I don’t know CSS3 yet, I wiped out all of the rounded borders. I need to change the layout, anyway. I may just end up using the other color palette I wanted to use in the beginning of creating this theme. The color palette I used is here.

If you do not count #0A0A0A, I used only 6 colors. I kept the colors for the original h1 and h1:hover because I thought they looked better. Those two colors are only on h1 … and maybe h2. -.-

Of course, I can’t let the people who inspired me to create this theme like I did go without mention.

I’m really proud of this one. Can everyone see it alright? (I’m talking about the padding and the margins here – not the fonts, the styles, the colors. The navi’s supposed to sort of “blend in”.)


An advertisement for Sara Bareille’s new song, “Gonna Get Over You” was featured below a YouTube video I was watching. It lead me to VEVO, and I searched for it on YouTube so I could add it to a few of my playlists – but that’s not the point (obviously). Anyway, here is the video. I was going to name this theme SHOUT! or splash!, but I instead took the word “Someday” from the song.

I saw it as a fun song – and music video ;). I chose a playful font, because I wanted to be able to make the theme playful but still calm.


The navigation links and the normal hyperlinks (with the dotted lines) come from her. I really liked the way hers were – but I think hers might be dashed.

However, I think I might just keep the navigational links in the container.

(A versus B)

I guess I also got the idea to put lyrics at the footer from Georgina, too?


The colored footer. Enough said.

“I don’t like it.”

I don’t care. I worked hard, and this time I’m not going to let other’s thoughts get to me when it comes to what I create. You don’t like it? I never asked your opinion, anyway. However, if you would like to comment on it, go for it. I have been working hard for the past  few days (about three, maybe four). The video was released on YouTube[1. I don’t know about VEVO.] on the 22nd of September.

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Comments on this post

Oh man! You made a theme! That is awesome!

Now you’re putting pressure on me to finish a theme for myself someday. πŸ˜›

It looks great. I won’t lie. πŸ˜› I hope no one says they don’t like it. Your website, your stuff, those people can get stuffed. (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. What an old joke… :P)

I’m glad I inspired you in some way. πŸ™‚ I love the new look, really! And I don’t even remember what my own links look like… I just checked and they’re dotted. Someone knows my site better than I do. xD

The name of the theme is nice too. ^_^ I usually name my layouts after the song they’re based on.

Haha. πŸ˜› Thank you! πŸ™‚

I’m pretty happy with it, too. I don’t know if I like how I styled the single.php page too much yet, though. I might just be changing it back later on.

I have a visual memory. πŸ˜‰ Also, I used your website for a lot of tutorials as well!