Word Association

Have you ever played the game Word Association on a forum? If so, then you probably know what this post is going to be about. If not, then here’s how to play:

Word: green

The given word is green, and you are the person who is going to post next. You need to think of a word to reply with, and whatever word you reply with is what the person after you has to associate a word with. If you think of grass, then you would post it. The game might start out with green, but after about 10 posts, it could turn into something completely different:

  1. Green
  2. Grass
  3. Tall
  4. Glass
  5. Window
  6. Dirty
  7. Bleach
  8. Whites
  9. Socks
  10. Feet

That is word association.

But it varies with everyone. Someone else could have thought of “cleaner” when they read bleach, or “sill” when they read “window”.

It all has to do with perception, which I have learned is a very interesting thing!

What do these phrases mean? Have you ever heard of them?

  • He bought the farm.
  • Ain’t that the berries!
  • Do go on.
  • That takes the cake.
  • Worry-Wort

What do you think of when you hear these words?

  • fish
  • tank
  • wheat
  • dirt
  • fence

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on what they mean. 🙂

Don’t read on until you have commented me with what you think. 😛 I don’t want to change your mind or anything!

  • Bought the farm = died.
  • All other phrases are located here.

I think of…

  • fishing
  • the tank (in the pasture)
  • bread
  • dirt devil
  • panels

I hope you guys have a nice weekend! ^^ 🙁 Mine is starting horribly.

This was an exercise in speech class.

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Lol! U mad?

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Doh! I read ahead I couldn’t resist. 🙁

this is kind of exciting.. hahaha

He bought the farm: for crops.
Ain’t that the berries: looks interesting!
Do go on: STOP.
That takes the cake: You’re the best.
Worry-Wort: stop worrying..

fish – underwater
tank – military? lol
wheat – bread/rice
dirt – trash
fence – wood

Now idk if that makes sense.. LOL Its been a long time since I last played it.. so I kind of like enjoyed playing it again.. haha

He bought the farm. – he died
Ain’t that the berries! – that’s AWESOME
Do go on. – keep talking
That takes the cake. – that tops them all
Worry-Wort – worries too much

fish – food
tank – gas
wheat – bix
dirt – track
fence – brick

That is really interesting. I went back and read a couple other people’s and yours and it’s just pretty funny to see how many differences there can be with the same words. I hope the rest of your weekend was better than it started. 🙂

Hey! My vacation was lovely thanks, now on to your game haha I’ve never played this before or even seen it! hmmm
He bought the farm – purchased a large property for commercial value?
Ain’t that the berries! – colloquialism for isn’t that something
Do go on – keep talking
That takes the cake – the most important or largest sum of something
Worry-Wort: a worrier
(haha I think I’m too analytical)

Fish- a live species living in water
tank – well fish tank because of fish
wheat – bread
dirt – brown
fence – barrier

haha who knows!

Hmm, english is not my first language so I think my replies might be very different from others 🙂

* He bought the farm: some man's going to be a farmer
* Ain’t that the berries!: "isn't that something!"
* Do go on. : interesting discussion
* That takes the cake.: that pretty much sums it up
* Worry-Wort: wort? worth? 

What do you think of when you hear these words?

* fish: aquarium
* tank: bombs
* wheat: will wheaton :D
* dirt: dirty diana (michael jackson song)
* fence: green grass garden

I’ve already played the Word Association in a forum. It’s really amazing that you start off with one word and then it just branches into different things. Haha! The power of perception, yay! u

And oh, I was supposed to answer the phrases but I am not familiar with them. All I could think of was their literal meanings. Haha! I’m sorry. :-s But on the words, here’s mine:
-Fish: Scales
-Tank: Fish tank
-Wheat: Bread (YAY, we’re the same lol)
-Dirt: Stain
-Fence: Wood

That was fun. Hee. I had a normal but nice weekend. Aww, why is it starting horrible? I hope it didn’t last long. 🙁

I’ve heard of three of those phrases, but I am unfamiliar with He bought the farm and
Ain’t that the berries! the explanation for the first seems odd but the second makes sense.

fish – food
tank – water
wheat – bloated
dirt – outdoors
fence – field

He bought the farm. (I have no idea what that means)
Ain’t that the berries! (Isn’t that interesting)
Do go on. (Please tell me more)
That takes the cake. (That is the most dramatic story)
Worry-Wort (Someone who worries too much)

fish (tank)
tank (army)
wheat (I see the yellow wheat in the field)
dirt (brown)
fence (metal)

I would have thought those five words had something to do with each other.
fish: water
tank: aquarium
wheat: grain
dirt: brown
fence: cat jumping over a fence :S

As for the phrases, I got the last two right. “Ain’t that the berries!” amuses me now. It’s funny, I have done the word association thing on forums and sometimes I go through the old posts and see that I might have thought of the same word as someone else, or something completely different. When I post, I like to say how I thought of the word and why I associate them. A lot of the time I associate two unlikely words simply because of a memory I have or experience I have had of something.

That’s weird. Most of the buffets here are $15-20 for all you can eat. Then again, prices are different here all around.

Glad he came back! <3

I know what you mean. I know I pay more for my hosting now but the way I see it, I want good service for my money – both with customer service and the hosting service itself. But I know what you mean. My friend was hosted by someone and paid a small price but then moved to be hosted with me because she trusted me. 🙂

Hope you have a good rest-of-weekend! <33

Tehe, thank you! 🙂

I’ve changed it now though, I wasn’t keen on the header image. It looked a little webs/piczo-esqe.

I’ve never heard any of those expressions before. I think of sea, I don’t think of anything other than fish for tank ^^, flour, clean, solar. 🙂

P.S – I love these smileys!

I’ve played Word Association in school and stuff, and on some forums. I actually think it’s a lot of fun to play. I know the last 3 phrases, never heard the first 2. As for the words, I think of:


I’ve never heard of the phrases (I read on after, I wouldn’t know southern sayings haha), but all 5 of those words I think of either dirt or farm or something, hahaha. 😛

I love the new look, I seem to really love gray’s lately. ^^

He bought the farm. = he’s going to make food!
Ain’t that the berries! = nom nom nom
Do go on. = Oh noes! It’s the edge of a cliff!
That takes the cake. = That’s awesome
Worry-Wort = someone who worries too much?
fish = tasty
tank = fire
wheat = tasty
dirt = stuff that makes tasty food
fence = stuff that keeps animals away from tasty food

… probably says a lot about me.