I hate Xanga’s changes.

Over on Xanga, or one of their branch sites (I don’t remember where it was, nor do I really care which is was on), someone had blogged about how the same blogs show up on the homepage all of the time – meaning no new blogs really show up in the spotlight. I agree. It’s annoying. I enjoy going there for blogging ideas, because a lot of times there will be something good to write a blog reply to[1. I’ve really only ever posted one of these, but maybe in the future I’ll post more instead of deleting them because they seem like “old news”.].

There’s also people who say that they want and need more comments, but when I look at these people’s blogs, they’re practically empty. To run a blog and make it work, you have to actually post. I don’t understand what could possibly be so difficult about that. Aside from that, your blog cannot be on friend’s lock, and if you comment blogs off of the Xanga network, those bloggers aren’t likely to comment you back unless you 1) allow anonymous comments (meaning you allow a name, email and URL to be left) and 2) have your blog open to the public. It’s just not going to happen.

As for the blogs that are often featured, I understand that you want to share it and may feel the need to, but why would you do such a thing when it’s not your own material? I see articles on the front page about styling your bangs, cat tattoos, and classic art interpretations made by a teen – all things from other websites/blogs! It’s not a forum; it’s a blogging network that I want to see actual STUFF I can write about – not shit that I can’t write about because it would be pointless! These posts have so many comments on them, so many recommendations and are featured. It’s quite ridiculous, because they act like they’re actually blogging.

I suppose I’m being a bit mean here, but this really ticks me off. Xanga has changed a lot since I used to avidly blog on it[2. Even though it was in 2008 and I did actually blog, it was just pure crap. Really. I had started over May 2008, but I’d been there since May 2005. Too bad I didn’t have a WordPress/blogger! Could have imported to my scrapblog!]. Blogs used to be pure and real and original, not copied. Thus said, I think I have every right to be ticked off at how much it has changed – to strongly dislike and despise the bloggers who think of themselves as “it” bloggers on the Xanga network because of little things they do (from commenting various posts with not constructive criticism, but just plain cruelness, to copying others’ blogs and just putting a “via [link]”).

The icing on the cake would be that these bloggers credit image sources using the actual freaking image source – meaning the actual URL of the image – which doesn’t even begin to give proper credit.

The network I was a part of when it was merely Xanga and nothing else has drastically changed into this fake-like network I really hate. I understand that blogging has changed, and it will continue to change, but this is ridiculous. The bloggers are literally copying others word for word, and not all of them at least link back to the original source, and Xanga just deals with it. Back in the old days, they were very tight about that; your stuff had to be original. No one cares.

/end rant that’s long overdue.

This rant makes me wish I had a “pure shit” tag. Have a nice day. 😉

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Remember when Xanga used to have a look and feel box, and also when it only had an ad in the top banner section? I loved that look and feel box because I could customize my layout however way I wanted to, and that was how I got started becoming interested in web design/development. Back in the day I would post weekly, sometimes daily, and my layout would always be changing. I also would make layouts and post them on Createblog for other people to use. It was fun. I had some friends on Xanga and we would read each other’s blogs and post comments to each other’s blogs. Now it’s not as customizable, and the community is not what it used to be. I stopped using it since college.

I never heard of Xanga. Now I am a little scared to check it out, lol. Thank you for telling me about I Blog For Me. Your comment on my last blog was great help!

There’s no reason to be scared. :p

And, yay! I’m glad I could be of help. 🙂

Oh, Xanga! I thought of making one back in 2005, right before MySpace and LiveJournal become popular and when hosting your own WordPress site still seemed quite uncommon. It’s too bad that it’s degraded into what it is now – at least sites like Pinterest were developed for “finds” and not for real blog posts. (I hope that I don’t offend you by saying this, but I had no idea that people still used Xanga at all.)

To follow up on Kristine’s comment, Tumblr was designed for actual blogging – think a simpler alternative to WordPress – and it is very possible to host a blog with actual content on Tumblr. It’s just that the people who have taken to using Tumblr are those that reblog picture after picture.

Even though there is nothing left on Xanga for you (I’m sad that it has degraded from the community it once was too! I used to read a couple Xanga blogs.) at least you have found a new community that still writes good content!

Hah. Xanga. I remember when it was popular when I was in middle school and during freshman year of high school…. XD

I’m always really surprised when I find some people still use it… And use it religiously, too. One of my friends is so into blogging on Xanga that he and his friends have meet ups from all around the country, publish books, and his girlfriend was from Xanga… o_o He’s “Xanga Famous” (instead of Tumblr Famous)

Xanga is still alive? Even Livejournal is practically dead. (Well, at least to me.) I personally associated Xanga blogs with amateurs or teenyboppers.

But honestly, don’t Tumblr blogs do the exact same thing? Lack of original content, plenty of via [link]s, etc… I think a lot of blogs are guilty of the changes in the integrity of actually blogging.

I never really knew/though Tumblr was actually blogging.

@Liza, Tumblr is micro-blogging, but I can recall many blogger switching to Tumblr from their domain to just simply blog.

I know I tried to do that awhile back, but I realized I just hated the aura of Tumblr and all the people that thought that they were serious bloggers because they knew how to re-post shit.

Xanga was popular when I was a junior in high school, right before MySpace got popular. I remember people writing about their actual lives, not cat tattoos and such.

I’m getting tired of…fake?…unoriginal blog posts, too. Not just on Xanga, but all blogs. Posting 25 pictures of stuff you found on Pinterest is not blogging. People get praised for their “finds” when they haven’t actually done anything.

Exactly! And then bloggers who actually DO work on original content don’t get as recognized as the other people because of it. Ugh.