Do you ever just want to say “hi” and be done with something? Or to tell people to “go away” because they’re making you feel negative about ___? As if you could magically disappear and reappear elsewhere where you’re in a positive space and nothing could possibly go right.

Last night I dreamt that I was in some luxurious psychotic ward. I’m not too proud of myself for actually liking it and enjoying the time I spent at said ward, even if it was just a dream. The thought of ever having to go to one still scares me – terrifies me, actually.

There was a pool




ah, screw it.

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Why am intrigued to know about your pseudo-experience in a “luxurious” psych ward. It must have been some ward too, because what asylums allow the crazies to swim? 😀

…I’m struggling with various mental disorders now, therefore I am feeling quite crazy. I don’t really enjoy literally calling people in a pysh ward “crazy”. I don’t know if I’m supposed to thank you or feel extremely offended right now.

A dream’s just a dream. It might have some meaning, but I wouldn’t think too much of it.

On the other hand, a swimming pool might be a nice thing to have at a psychiatric ward – it’d be a nice way for patients to exercise, enjoy themselves, and recover.


You know, I don’t really think it would end up being so bad, but I also don’t really want to find out. Ever having to actually go in one freaks me out.