You should be a blogger if…

This is the opposite of the other day’s post, and it’s also another draft I’ve had.

You should be a blogger if…

  • You have an open mind.
  • You like learning about other parts of the world.
  • You like connecting with people who share similar interests.
  • You have something to say.
  • You want to be able to blog about why you’re still blogging one day.
  • You would to be able to watch from your eyes how a community you’re a part of changes over time.
  • You don’t mind being what you blog.
  • You want a place to participate in memes.
  • You want to meet different types of people. For example, Christine is a teacher who blogs mostly about beauty with a literary twist. That’s definitely not a combination you would probably bump into at the supermarket! 😉
  • You don’t think you’ll learn anything.
  • You might become worried about your bloggy friends knowing whether you died.
  • You want to see your progress.
  • You want to do cool things like join forces with fellow bloggers and post similar things together because you were planning to post something like it already.
  • You want to meet some really cool people.
  • You want a head start to something that a lot of people are doing that a lot of people in the future may be doing.
  • You want to write a lot more.
  • You want to inspire others.
  • You want to own your own space and place on the web.
  • You want to connect with people of similar interests.
  • You want to help people; bloggers tend to help each other. :3
  • You have a story to share.
  • You want to be heard.

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Comments on this post

Those are great reasons for blogging. I blog to get better at writing, to help people, to increase my marketing skills, and to be apart of the wonderful community. Everyone has their own reasons but doing it just to do can be overwhelming especially if you don’t get comments. People get down and think no one is reading. A lot of people read but only a few comment.

Awwww!!! You featured me in one of these bullets. *blushing* Thank you!! <33 As for these reasons, I completely agree with you. I think having an archive and seeing where you have been and what you have done to become the person you are is so important and special. Blogging, as I'm sure it does for you, defines me in some form, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I also love that you mention the drive to write in this post. A lot of my students love to write and I've told them to start their own blogs and they clam up!

I think you got most of the reason why I blog up there. 🙂
I think blogging is therapeutic. It helps me vent out my anger and thoughts. Blogging keeps me sane. 🙂