You shouldn’t be a blogger if…

(And I’m not talking about photo blogging.)

Because I just feel like it, I’m also plugging fellow blogger’s posts in here (related posts, anyway).

You shouldn’t be a blogger if…

  • You get bored too easily.
  • You don’t like waiting for things to happen.
  • You think blogging is easy.
  • You think you’ll receive x amount of comments the first day.
  • You hardly have time and don’t know how to blog with a busy schedule.
  • You hate writing.
  • You hate reading.
  • You can’t spell.
  • You want someone to set everything up for you.
  • You’ll act like you own the place (everyone’s place, not just your own real estate).
  • You lack creativity and imagination of your own.
  • You think you can get away with using other’s content.
  • You think commenting is as quick and easy as making a bowl of cereal.
  • You doubt you’ll ever peeve other bloggers.
  • You don’t know how to do your research and figure out what is safe/secure for your blog.
  • You think you can use it like a dating service and find tons of male bloggers.
  • You hate routines.
  • You think you can blog however you want and still have fans.
  • You don’t want to research things that might matter.
  • You think you can just half-ass it.
  • You’re closed-minded.
  • You’re going to blog about how you think you know best for others constantly, but mostly when they piss you off.
  • You’re going to share details about your sexual relations with random men you pick up at bars and clubs.
  • You’re going to blog about your online drama.
  • You get upset when people tell you things like they are, or without sugar coating them.
  • You refuse to engage with your readers.

Edit: This is from my drafts. I wrote it way earlier this year.

Anything to add? 😀

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Ohhh man…the blog apology for not blogging, hehe. I’ve done a few of those in my day! I think we all have! As for proper grammar and spelling, I personally think it’s really important. I blog for companies, but I also blog on curls. My website is on my business cards so prospective clients can see what I write about and HOW I write. If someone sees that a blog is sloppily written with a ton of spelling errors and slang words that may be a turn-off…depending on the type of audience you’re writing for!

I agree with these and I’m also guilty of the top two, but I like to think those two aren’t as bad as the ones following! I do think it’s funny that there are some people who do blog to talk to/meet guys… I don’t think I’ve come across more than one male blogger.

This probably falls under category you’ve listed, but I hate it when I come across a blog that’s written like a series of IMs. There’s pretty much a new line after every single sentence, word, or something of the sort. It’s just a pain to read- although I don’t know if that’s just me 😛

LOL!!! Thanks Liz for that link and I love this post. I mean it’s kind of sad actually but I KNOW some people who do a few things on this list and I shake my head and still wonder. I’m sure they just keep it up for the love of writing, who knows.

It’s those though that get mad because they aren’t making any progress but when you ask them they’ll tell you they don’t have the time. Really! And you’re mad because you’re not getting results! Okay then…

Hope you’re doing well and enjoy your day! Happy 4th of July!


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While I agree with some points, I very much disagree with others, i.e. the “no sex blogging” rule.

Since talking about sexual encounters is seen as taboo, a lot of people are unable to share their experiences in IRL conversations. I think that blogging about sexual encounters shouldn’t be discouraged, especially if it’s carried out with discretion and confidentiality regarding the identities of the blogger’s partners. A lot of people find that sharing sexual experiences is therapeutic and eye-opening.

Hi Liz,

Just chanced upon your blog and I love this first post I read.
I’m a newbie on blogosphere so I’m observing what’s going on first.
I think you shouldn’t be a blogger if you’ll just import what you post on your fb personal page to your blog page.
A blog page is somewhere for you to post more carefully written and researched pieces.

In my 3 months on blogosphere, I do find it foul when bloggers (especially fashion bloggers) leave a very short ‘nice post’ comment on a long entry you’ve made, then follow it with, “want to follow each other?” Then you do follow them and you don’t hear from them anymore. Whilst I really appreciate an interest for others to read my posts, I’m not looking for mere ‘followers’ who only care about the numbers.

Again, love this post! Thank you!


Your list is pretty spot on with stuff that doesn’t make a blogger a blogger. Blogging takes time, dedication, and patience. Without that, you can’t really be a legit blogger.

I understand that some people blog their minds out but there are some stuff that should be left behind closed doors. I can’t imagine responding to a blog post about a person having “one night stand”.

For sure, good luck with finding male bloggers. I find most of them posting on those news site if it counts. But wow oh wow, those plugs to my site are a blast from a past.

As for adding more to the list…

– You think blogging is a one way street. You have to create a form of communication between you and your audience.
– You post comments that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what the post talked about.

Liv covered basically the things I wanted to add so there you have it :D.

You shouldn’t be a blogger if your comment OBVIOUSLY shows you didn’t read someone’s post.
You shouldn’t be a blogger if you don’t consider where another blogger is coming from (be open-minded, unless it’s a political blog — they’re never really open-minded)

My real favorite: You shouldn’t be a blogger if you turn away from a another blogger asking for help — be it personal or practical help. When I first started blogging, another blogger told me about the importance of sharing — visiting other bloggers and leaving comments. This opened up a whole new world for me. In addition, I’ve also had bloggers reach out and give special guidance at times when I was struggling with something. I’ve tried to return the favor or passed it on to someone else. After all, blogging is a community. It’s wonderful how it unites us all over the world. Look at all you’ve accomplished through your blogging, Liz:~)

Some things I actually don’t agree on. My English is the worst you might have ever seen, but I love blogging. 🙂 So according to your list I shoudn’t be blogging?

I guess everybody can blog, but they may not be very good at it.

@Denise, I guess it’s more like a parody. It wasn’t supposed to be taken offense to. ;x

You are a winner Liz. But yes I have plenty to add.

You shouldn’t be a blogger if:
– You only blog to whine about life.
– You blog only to apologize for not blogging because you “have no time.”
– You post more photos than write words, unless it’s a photo blog.
– You write password protected posts. (Password protecting AFTER is alright, due to situations.)
– You think you’re leaving a comment by commenting on the first paragraph of a blog entry.

Whoa! You pulled up some old posts that I’ve mostly forgotten about!

I agree with all of your points, except for two:

1) If you’re closed-minded, there is nothing that should keep you from finding a blog. However, the Internet will not be very friendly toward you.

2) If you’re going to write about sex, give your site a big “Adults Only!” warning sign so that I know to go away if I’m not in the mood to read about sex. (To me, there’s nothing wrong with writing about two consenting adults having sex; I just don’t want to see it if I’m not in the mood for it. On that note, have you ever searched for “free books” on Amazon? The covers are PG-13, but the implied content is definitely R-rated!)

I totally agree with all the points you have mentioned in this posts! Sometimes, I will get a blogger block and nothing will come up . That’s one of the hardest challenges as a daily blogger (at least for me).

I’m having trouble coming up with more things because some are common sense, which makes me take them for granted. Then again, it could just be that you covered a good chunk that any little thing you left out can be overlooked.

I’m a guilty of a few of these, especially the blogging with a busy schedule and half-assing it @.@ When I first started blogging, I was really guilty of a lot more, such as the whole “counting comments” things and wanting XX comments even though the types of posts of I wrote didn’t warrant it, It’s a very good list, and I learned a lot of it as I blogged more, but it definitely reminds me to work on some techniques, such as engaging my readers 🙁